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About Flora Flies

In September 2021, two months after having graduated from University, I hopped on a plane to Guatemala on my own. It was the start of over half a year of slow solo travelling Central America and Colombia. The sailing trip from Cartagena to Panama ended up being the ultimate finish of an incredible journey. During which I've learned so much more than during whatever school year.

I don't believe in terms such as "gap year" or "sabbatical". I believe that travelling can be a way of living. A way to develop yourself. As long as you create that opportunity for yourself. Slow travel would be my answer to that. 

Make sure that you've got plenty of time to not just enjoy the sights of a particular destination, but to also get a taste of what it would be like to live there. My favourite stops in Latin America weren't Flores, where I got to visit the Maya ruins of Tikal, or La Fortuna, where I did a day trip to the hanging bridges and hot springs. Instead, I mostly enjoyed Dominical, where I spent a full week and I didn't miss a single sunset on the beach. And Medellín, where I felt completely at home in a chaotic concrete jungle. 

Through Instagram, I take you along on my search for the right balance. Meanwhile, I share tips about the places I've been to on here. Slow travel or not, I'll always keep searching for the best spots, that at times include a great adrenaline rush. From my new home base Valencia as we speak!


Fleur (aka Flora, Flor, Fleurtje, Kokkie)

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"Volar es haber perdido el miedo a caer"
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